Hove Cranial Osteopath Aimee Cox treating baby

Cranial Therapy For Your Whole Family

Hello, I’m Aimée, a cranial therapist in Hove and Brighton. (Also known as Craniosacral therapy or CST)  I like to think of myself as a family therapist. I help lots of pregnant and postnatal mums, babies, toddlers and children, and… Read more »

Treatment for shoulder pain Aimee Cox Hove Osteopath

My Journey

  Hello, I’m Aimée, a registered Hove & Brighton Cranial Therapist (also know as Craniosacral Therapy or CST). Please note I am no longer an osteopath or cranial osteopath as I voluntarily deregistered with good standing in 2020).   I… Read more »

Neck Pain and Its Causes

Neck Pain and It’s Causes The thing about neck pain, is that it affects you all the time, because of course you have to always move your head about about as you need to see where you are going. It… Read more »