Cranial Therapy For Your Whole Family

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Pregnant Mums - Aimee Cox Osteopathy

Hello, I’m Aimée, a cranial therapist in Hove and Brighton. (Also known as Craniosacral therapy or CST)  I like to think of myself as a family therapist. I help lots of pregnant and postnatal mums, babies, toddlers and children, and the rest of the family too. Please note I am no longer a cranial osteopath or osteopath as I voluntarily deregistered in good name in 2020).

Often a mum might come and see me for treatment for herself or her baby, and will then recommend me to other members of their family – from dads, aunts and uncles, to       grandparents!  

Because of this, it feels like I’m helping each family in the best way I can. For example, there was the pregnant mum I helped, whose main concern was to carry on working (her work involved lots of lifting and bending), but she was struggling with back pain.

By helping her, it took the strain off the family.  After her baby was born, he needed some soothing and relaxing with cranial osteopathy.  Then Dad was struggling with back pain with his work as a scaffolder, so I was able to help him too.

Recently I had a lovely double appointment – one for a three year old who was uncomfortable, and one for his Grandma who had knee and shoulder pain.  It was fantastic to help different generations of the same family in the same day!

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I’ve done lots of postgraduate training, to make sure I can truly offer a great service for the families I see.  After qualifying in 2010 (M.Ost with distinction) from the British School of Osteopathy in London, I then completed the intensive 2 year postgraduate training at the Osteopathic Centre For Children (OCC).

Here I achieved the Diploma of Paediatric Osteopathy (with distinction). I also worked in the busy pregnant and postnatal mums clinic there too.  I apply my learning from these two invaluable years to every patient that I see.

There are many reasons I love my job.  It’s hugely rewarding to get help people who are in pain, get back to enjoying their lives again.

Also, often when treating babies and children in particular, it can help the whole family. If I can soothe and relax a baby, it often means that parents and siblings in the same house are happier too. I always remember the mum who said the treatment must be helping, because the baby’s brothers had stopped calling it ‘The Pain’!

I also enjoy the problem solving of treating patients.  One reasons I became an therapist, is because you look for the ‘why’ someone’s problem started.  This way you get better, quicker results for each person. E.g. your back pain may actually have started because you’re compensating for a pelvic or knee problem you weren’t necessarily aware of.


I fully appreciate you might be nervous seeing an therapist for the first time, whether it’s for yourself or your baby.  However please be rest assured, I do everything I can to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible. Your appointment is your time and space to be listened to, so you can relax, while I do the very best I can to help you and your family.

I am always happy to chat through any questions you may have first on the phone, before you book an appointment.

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