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I can help you understand your pain and how to help it, all over the internet. Ideal for when you can't see me in person!

That sounds great, but can it help me without hands on treatment?

Absolutely! In fact, recent research shows that virtual patients can experience the same levels of satisfaction as patients in face to face appointments. This is possible, because it’s easy for a trained professional to identify problems, even in a remote capacity over a video call.

It’s a really, really simple process too and a perfect way for me to help you.

  1. 1Problem Identification

    I’ll listen to why you’ve come to see me and together we will thoroughly explore your medical case history to fully understand your pain.

  2. 2Examination & Testing

    I’ll then take you through an examination, asking you to perform certain movements that help to diagnose and clarify your case.

  3. 3Conclusion & Advice

    I will then explain what is likely to be going on with your symptoms and provide you with tailored advice and exercises to help you get better.

Want to know more about how I can help with an online/telephone appointment? Just get in touch, I’d love to talk you through it.

Can Online Sessions Help You?

Yes, if:
You are struggling with pain or stiffness
Your symptoms are affecting your life
You want to understand what’s wrong and how to fix it
You’ve tried Googling/You tubing to find the right answers and nothing is helping
You can’t get to my clinic right now because of the Coronavirus lock down

How Will an Online Consultation Help Me Get Better?

I’ll ask you about your aims and what changes you want to see
You’ll get clarity on what’s causing your symptoms
You’ll understand more about your problem(s) and have more control
You’ll get a personalised step by step recovery plan to reduce pain

Is it Difficult to Have an Online Consultation?

Absolutely not!
Being in pain is both worrying and frustrating, so the last thing you need is to try and navigate a complicated system or tool to get the help you need.

I’ve made sure our everything is simple and easy for all of our patients, no matter how non technical you might be!

How do I Book an Online Consultation With You?

Just click on the “Book Your Online Consultation” button on the right
Or just call us on 01273 803711

Before your appointment I‘ll call you to ensure your problem is suitable for an online consultation. I’ll then send you an easy to use payment link before your appointment, so you can pay in advance.

You’ll then be sent a confirmation email. All you have to do then is click on the “Join Now” link in your confirmation email at the online consultation time you’ve booked in for.

Then we’ll be connected and can get started!

How do Online Baby Consultations Work?

Just click on the “Book Your Online Consultation” button on the right
Baby appointments will ideally be online, so I can see how your baby is doing on my large computer screen.

I’ll listen to why you are concerned about your little one and do a very thorough case history including pregnancy and delivery so I can fully understand why your little one may need help.

I’ll guide you through a gentle examination of your little one, so I can see how they are moving - I will demonstrate first using a soft toy so you can see what I am doing. I will then share with you exercises you can easily do with your little one at home which will help them.

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