Video – How To Walk In Snow & Ice More Easily

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Here is a quick video tip about walking in snow & ice more easily.  This is useful if like me you are nervous about falling over on the ice after snow has thawed and refreezed.  I found it enormously helpful and meant I can still get outside and enjoy long walks in the cold weather.

Hello there and welcome to this video about walking in the snow.  I’m Aimee Cox and I’m a cranial therapist in Hove, and the reason I’m sharing this video with you is because at the minute, outside is absolutely beautiful. Bright blue skies and bright sunshine and it’s absolutely stunning, but apparently snow is forecast as on the way, and I don’t know about you, I love the snow but I don’t like walking in it, and that’s because fresh snow is absolutely lovely. You get that lovely, crisp sound of your footprints in the snow being the first one to walk on it. That’s absolutely lovely, but what I don’t like is when the snow then melts during the day and then freezes overnight, so it becomes like sheet ice, and that makes me very nervous the next day because I don’t want to fall over and hurt myself.

Then I discovered these, which you may have seen before, these ice grips you can get for your shoes, which are amazing. So, here’s an example of one. they’re very light and you can easily carry them in your bag or in your rucksack, and all you do is while you’ve got your shoes on, because it’s easier to do this with your shoes on, is literally just stretch them over and put them over your shoe so you’ve got an instant grip

You’ve got lots of nice crisscrossing on the grips, and what it does mean is that it’s so much easier to walk. You can walk upright. You can use your normal gait. You don’t have to do that shuffle that you do in the snow if you’re worried about falling over. You can carry heavy bags of shopping. You can go up and down stairs in them easily.

You can get most of these from outdoors shops. You’ll be able to get them online. One tip I would say, though, is don’t wear them indoors because they may damage your floor, and also, say you’re going into shops with hard laminate flooring or a stone floor, they won’t grip. So, basically you’re like Bambi on ice and you just skate everywhere. So, don’t wear them indoors, but they’re very easy to slip on and off, and hills, especially around Brighton and Hove, absolutely a doddle. Not a problem at all. So, if you know anyone who, like myself, used to be a bit nervous of walking on ice and snow, please share this video because hopefully they’ll find it useful. Thank you.

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