Cranial Therapy for Sports Injuries

Don’t let a sports injury hold you back from your training and goals – get treatment and get moving.

How can cranial therapy help with sports injuries?

Regardless of what level you train at – whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, it’s enormously frustrating when you are injured and can’t reach your goals.

Cranial Therapy which is used to treat the whole body aims to get you back to training as quickly as possible

Your consultation and examination will give a diagnosis, and then hands on treatment will help you recover as quickly as possible.

Even if your injury seem insignificant, it’s important to have it treated as it will help prevent it becoming a bigger problem.

Your performance can also improve by looking at tension in the body. By having treatment so your body is functioning at it’s best you will achieve your performance goals more easily.

As well as being a cranial therapist, I am also a trained sports injuries therapist (with distinction).