Cranial Therapy for Back Pain and Back Ache

Gentle caring hands on treatment for your back pain, and back ache (general, acute and chronic)

What Causes Back Pain or Back Ache

Back Pain can be caused by several structures in the back, including joints, discs, ligaments and muscle spasm. Also the pelvic joints (sacroiliac joints) may be involved.

It’s a very common problem, and can be brought on by lifting or bending awkwardly, or it could be from sitting at a computer for too long.

How Cranial Therapy (also known as Craniosacral Therapy or CST) Can Help With Your Back Pain

Because there are several structures that can cause back pain, it’s important to have a full consultation with examination and diagnosis, so your treatment can then be tailored accordingly.

Treatment aims to get you moving better with less pain, by working through the joints, muscles and ligaments. This increases your range of movement, and reduces in the inflammation in your back.