How much do you charge?

Initial Consultation
(One Hour)
£ 75
Follow Up Session
(30 Minutes)
£ 50

When can we book appointments?

Enquiries and booking requests can be made Mon - Fri between 08:00 and 19:00. Bookings can be made for the following times:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday
08:00 - 18:30

Why choose Aimée?

Friendly & Welcoming

I run a professional, happy and welcoming clinic. All I want is for you to able to relax and feel comfortable while I listen to what you need help with.

Professional & Effective

All treatments are tailored specifically to you, ensuring that you are restored to optimal health quickly without it costing more than it should.

Honest & Open

My priority with any patient is to find the best course of action for you. I will refer you to other health professionals if I am not the right person for your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?

    Most adults need between 3 and 6 sessions (one session per week) usually on a weekly basis. I will space your treatment sessions further apart as quickly as possible so you don’t spend money unnecessarily.

    Each person is different and I will discuss with you your realistic recovery time. A long term problem may require more sessions.

    Sometimes people like to have a treatment every so often as ‘maintenance’ to reduce their likelihood of problems.

  • Can I Bring A Friend/Partner?

    You are more than welcome to bring a chaperone with you to any of your appointments. Please be aware that of course they will then hear what we are discussing, which includes your medical history.

  • Will I Have To Undress?

    It is not compulsory for you to undress, and you are welcome to wear shorts/leggings/vest top. There is also a modesty gown you can use as well.

    However please be aware that osteopathic diagnosis is partly based on observing how your body moves, and it’s usual when seeing an osteopath to be asked to remove clothing from the area being treated. If you are uncomfortable with this, then just let me know and we can work around it.

  • Does Osteopathy Hurt?

    Osteopathic treatment is generally gentle, but some techniques for example stretching and articulation of tender joints may be uncomfortable and I will warn you of this, but just let me know if you would prefer a different technique to be used.

  • What Is Cranial Osteopathy?

    I use both ‘structural osteopathy’ which involves moving and stretching your joints, and working through your muscles with massage, but I also use ‘cranial osteopathy’ where I gently place my hands on the area of your body being treated.

    Cranial osteopathy is very gentle and relaxing. Often people can’t feel much when being treated cranially but notice the improvements in their symptoms and a common comment at the next session is “I feel better but you didn’t seem to do anything!

  • What Training Do Osteopaths Have And Are They Safe?

    To be a registered osteopath in the UK you have to complete 4 years full time study to qualify as an osteopath. It’s so extensive because you cover a lot of medical science such as anatomy, neurology, physiology and pathology. You also train in specific clinics such as paediatrics, sports injuries and pregnancy.

    To be a registered osteopath with the regulatory body in the UK (the General Osteopathic Council) you have to complete at least 30 hours of continuing professional development each year to ensure your knowledge and skills are up to date.

    I am a registered osteopath and my registration number is 7470.